We value…

  • performer consent
  • racial, gender, and sexual orientation diversity in our workplace and work product
  • fostering a positive environment for diverse sexual expression
  • mutual respect among performers and crew
  • clear and mutually agreed-upon expectations
  • open channels of communication with producers and directors before, during, and after every shoot
  • providing opportunities for anonymous feedback after every shoot 
  • producing content that caters to performers’ strengths and desires
  • working with people who love the kinky shit that we do 
  • comfortable conditions for cast and crew
  • fair compensation for all
  • providing learning opportunities for cast and crew
  • creating a friendly and fun atmosphere on set
  • people—and the mental and physical safety of our performers and crew—over profits
  • our community 

House Rules

  • No racists, transphobes, homophobes, misogynists, bullies, or assholes!
  • No recreational drugs on set—this means alcohol, weed, or anything else that might affect your judgment.